Tulsa Irrigation System Maintenance Is It Important?

Tulsa Irrigation System Maintenance Is It Important?

Irrigation systems can help keep your lawn healthy and looking great all summer by giving your lawn the right amount of regular watering it needs. Lawns that are healthy tend to be less susceptible to insects, weeds, disease, and drought. Healthy lawns help to lessen soil erosion and surface water runoff. Thus, your Tulsa irrigation system plays a key role in maintaining a healthy, vibrant…

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Using Low-Maintenance Plants In Tulsa Landscape Design

Using Low-Maintenance Plants In Tulsa Landscape Design

It’s easy for us understand drought in Tulsa, and really all of Oklahoma. We know first-hand how tough it can be for plants, wildlife, and even us to survive the heat of summer here. To combat the effects of a long drought and overall help with the global conservation of water and resources, many Tulsa landscape designers are using low-maintenance landscaping techniques.

This kind of Tulsa…

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Tulsa Landscape Design Tips: Plants for Edging

Tulsa Landscape Design Tips: Plants for Edging

Often in landscape design we find nature combined with artistic expression. Using a variety of plant colors and textures makes a landscape look like a living work of art and generates the peaceful ambiance where friends and family can relax and have fun. One aspect of Tulsa landscape design is creating definition to a space with edging. Many different plants and materials can be used to edge a…

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Weed Control Tips For Your Tulsa Landscape

Weed Control Tips For Your Tulsa Landscape

Often considered the enemy of every gardener, weeds can quickly take over a lawn, stealing water, nutrients, and sunlight from the surrounding grass. That’s why it’s important to have an effective Tulsa weed controltreatment in place for every stage and season of a weed’s life. With just a few weed control applications throughout the year, your lawn can be healthy and look beautiful and…

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The Value of Mulch - Tulsa Lawn Care Tips


When you think of adding things to your garden mulch may not be high on the list, but actually it’s one of the best things you can add. Mulch can help protect plants and their roots from extreme temperatures and help them absorb and retain water better. Thus, mulch will keep a garden healthier, more resistant to drought and is great for weed control while…

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Using Landscape Lighting in Tulsa to Make Beautiful Backyards

Making Beautiful Backyards With Landscape Lighting in Tulsa

Why not extend the enjoyment of your backyard past just daylight hours? Landscape lighting for your Tulsa outdoor environment can create an enchanting area to entertain or relax in, well into the evening hours. Here are some Tulsa landscape lighting tips to get you started.

First, decide what you want your outdoor lighting to do. That might sound simple…just create more light for nighttime usage,…

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Your Tulsa Garden - How to Select Hydrangeas

Your Tulsa Garden – How to Select Hydrangeas

One of the most popular landscape shrubs are hydrangeas and for good reason. These beautiful, blooming shrubs are known for producing ball-shaped clusters of small flowers in a variety of colors like pink, blue, purple, and white. Gardeners in Tulsa often love them for their abundant, rich blooms that seem to whelm a garden with color.

But with the sometimes extreme and often inconsistent…

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Make a Beautiful and Delicious Backyard Retreat with Edible Tulsa Landscape Design

Make a Beautiful and Delicious Backyard Retreat with Edible Tulsa Landscape Design

We all desire a beautiful landscape to complement our home. Elegant landscape design creates a peaceful place where we can unwind on the weekends, enjoy summer evenings with family, or hospitality entertain friends. But more homeowners are opting for, not just beautiful landscapes, but delicious, edible landscapes as well.

With the trend toward organic gardening, homeowners are seeing the many…

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Getting the Kids to Help with Lawn Care this Summer

lawn care tulsa

It’s easy to see yard work as a bit laborious, but children can often get excited about helping out with lawn care. Having them help with the yard work is a good activity to do as a family, and helps kids get more exercise, gets them away from electronics, and can help teach them responsibility. So how can you get your children involved with your residential lawn care?

Idealhomegarden.com listed ways to help encourage kids to join you in caring for the lawn. Getting children involved with yard work at an early age (even if they can’t do much) could help them to want to do it as they grow up. Young children especially, as the article said, always want to help their parents, so simply spending time with you while you do yard work can help you draw closer as a family. And as the children grow older, yard work will be associated with good times as family. 

Even though young children can’t use lawn care equipment yet, giving children little chores that make them feel needed can go a long way to helping them enjoy lawn care when they get older. Children could possibly be put on weed control, helping to pull weeds in the garden, picking up sticks or any trash in the yard, or even planting or broadcasting seeds. As children get to be around school age, they may be able to help with raking and bagging leaves.

As children get older they can begin to help more with mowing the law and even trimming shrubs, under supervision. Teenagers who are eagerly waiting for their license may be especially excited to get behind the wheel of a riding lawnmower. This can give them some initial training and practice at driving and shifting gears.

Seeing your positive attitude about yard work as parents, as the article noted, can greatly affect how children think of yard work as they grow up. If you have several children, making lawn care into a simple game or contest can help them enjoy it more (and possibly get things done faster).

And while teaching children to get involved with yard work and manage chores is essential, they will also need some playtime, and of course, they need to stay well-hydrated.

“It’s important that any fun that goes on also includes Mom or Dad. You need to have some fun just as much as the children do, and the kids will love every minute of it,” the article noted.

So when you go outside to take care of your Tulsa residential lawn care chores, take your kids along too. The whole family can have an enjoyable time doing yard work together.


Best Mowers for Home Owners: Tulsa Lawn Care


Best Mowers for Home Owners: Tulsa Lawn Care


Many Tulsa landscaping companies like Oklahoma Landscape offer residential lawn care and maintenance, yet some homeowners prefer to mow their lawns themselves. If this is true in your case, a reliable lawn mower is a necessity. But there are many choices when it comes to lawn mowers in Tulsa. Which one is the best? Well, it may depend on your particular lawn, how much time you want to devote to…

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