Add Enjoyment To Your Outdoor Living Space - Tulsa Outdoor Fireplaces

Add Enjoyment To Your Outdoor Living Space – Tulsa Outdoor Fireplaces

Nothing helps your outdoor living space become well composed quite like an outdoor fireplace can. Many Tulsa residents are putting in outdoor fireplaces to their outdoor living areas as they see the increased flexibility and value they offer their space.

Outdoor fireplaces permit you to extend your time outdoors both earlier in the spring and later in the fall. This is accounts for why…

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Rabbits and Deer - Keeping Them Out of Your Tulsa Landscape

Dissuading Rabbits and Deer from Your Tulsa Landscape

We may love to watch beautiful deer and rabbits in the wild, but they’re not always so pretty when seen destroying the flowers and vegetables in our backyard. Are rabbits and deer constantly nibbling away at your garden? What can you do to keep these creatures away?

One way to ward off rabbits and deer is to plant foliage that actually repels these animals. You may try planting some aromatic…

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Tulsa Lawn Care Tips For The Fall

With fall approaching here in Oklahoma, you may be thinking that this year’s Tulsa lawn care days are almost over. It may be true that you won’t have to mow the lawn as much now, but there are some necessary fall Tulsa lawn care items you may need to still need to handle to get your lawn prepared for winter.

fall tulsa lawn care

It’s important to take care of your lawn in the fall as it will help to ensure that you’ll have a vibrant and healthy lawn in the springtime. Here is a few fall lawn care tips to help you get started.

Lawn Fertilization

Likely the heat of summer has taken a toll on your lawn, so fall is a good time to replenish nutrients in the soil with a slow-release fertilizer. This lawn fertilization in the fall will build the underground root system so that the roots are stronger and the grass recovers faster from drought and heat. This lawn fertilization for your Tulsa lawn will also help the soil to have the nutrients it needs to be strong in the spring. It’s ideal to fertilize your lawn four-to-six weeks before the first frost is due to occur.

Overseeding Tulsa Lawns

Often a lawn can start looking a little thin and worn-out, which can happen because of summer’s heat and just the passing of time. Overseeding in the fall will help it to be lush again. Overseeding or seeding your lawn with a new layer of cool-season grass over existing turf will fill in any thin or bare spots and help your lawn be more resilient to diseases and weeds.

Fall is a great time to overseed your lawn because the soil is still warm enough for the seeds to germinate, and yet the air is cool enough to prevent weeds from cropping up. There are many other reasons why fall is often the best time for overseeding.

 Lawn Aeration

tulsa lawn maintenance

Before overseeding your lawn, you might need to aerate the soil, which involves removing small core patches of dirt, thatch, grass, and if the soil is compacted aerating the lawn will help the soil and roots get more water, oxygen, and nutrients. This will help the roots of the new grass seeds to grow strong and healthy.

Some wonder if they need to rake all the leaves in their yard. Commonly, if the leaf coverage is covering the lawn so much that the grass can’t be seen, then the leaves need to be raked because they can prevent air and sunlight from reaching the grass. Thus, it’s best not to wait until all the leaves have fallen before you begin raking. A light layer of mulched leaves applied later in the season can provide the lawn with nutrients and protect it from colder weather. However, if the mulch is too thick or gets too moist before it decomposes, it can begin to choke out the grass or cause lawn disease. 


Even with the weather getting colder, your Tulsa lawn will still need regular irrigation in the drought conditions. While the ground temperatures are above freezing, lawns can have infrequent, deep watering to help roots grow deep into the soil.

The Tulsa lawn care experts at Oklahoma Landscape can take care of all your fall lawn maintenance needs, giving your lawn the right fertilization at the right time, as well as aerating, and overseeding your lawn so that it will look healthy, beautiful, and ready for the coming spring!

Fall Plants to Brighten Up Your Tulsa Landscape

Invigorate Your Tulsa Landscape By Adding Color This Fall

Soon it will be fall. Leaves will change colors and the cool fall air will brush through the Tulsa landscape. People adore the fall season for the display of colors that can be seen across Oklahoma. For an even more colorful fall season, many homeowners plant shrubs, trees, and perennials that are known for their amazing colors in the fall. fall landscape design

The Virginia Sweetspire is dazzling shrub with great…

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Tulsa Irrigation System Maintenance - Why Important?

Tulsa Irrigation System Maintenance Is It Important?


Irrigation systems can help keep your lawn healthy and looking great all summer by giving your lawn the right amount of regular watering it needs. Lawns that are healthy tend to be less susceptible to insects, weeds, disease, and drought. Healthy lawns help to lessen soil erosion and surface water runoff. Thus, your Tulsa irrigation system plays a key role in maintaining a healthy, vibrant…

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Using Low-Maintenance Plants In Tulsa Landscape Design

Using Low-Maintenance Plants In Tulsa Landscape Design

It’s easy for us understand drought in Tulsa, and really all of Oklahoma. We know first-hand how tough it can be for plants, wildlife, and even us to survive the heat of summer here. To combat the effects of a long drought and overall help with the global conservation of water and resources, many Tulsa landscape designers are using low-maintenance landscaping techniques.

This kind of Tulsa…

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Tulsa Landscape Design Tips: Plants for Edging

Tulsa Landscape Design Tips: Plants for Edging

Often in landscape design we find nature combined with artistic expression. Using a variety of plant colors and textures makes a landscape look like a living work of art and generates the peaceful ambiance where friends and family can relax and have fun. One aspect of Tulsa landscape design is creating definition to a space with edging. Many different plants and materials can be used to edge a…

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Weed Control Tips For Your Tulsa Landscape

Weed Control Tips For Your Tulsa Landscape

Often considered the enemy of every gardener, weeds can quickly take over a lawn, stealing water, nutrients, and sunlight from the surrounding grass. That’s why it’s important to have an effective Tulsa weed controltreatment in place for every stage and season of a weed’s life. With just a few weed control applications throughout the year, your lawn can be healthy and look beautiful and…

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The Value of Mulch - Tulsa Lawn Care Tips


When you think of adding things to your garden mulch may not be high on the list, but actually it’s one of the best things you can add. Mulch can help protect plants and their roots from extreme temperatures and help them absorb and retain water better. Thus, mulch will keep a garden healthier, more resistant to drought and is great for weed control while…

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Using Landscape Lighting in Tulsa to Make Beautiful Backyards

Making Beautiful Backyards With Landscape Lighting in Tulsa

Why not extend the enjoyment of your backyard past just daylight hours? Landscape lighting for your Tulsa outdoor environment can create an enchanting area to entertain or relax in, well into the evening hours. Here are some Tulsa landscape lighting tips to get you started.

First, decide what you want your outdoor lighting to do. That might sound simple…just create more light for nighttime usage,…

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